What are the Knicks Chances in the Atlantic Next Season?

July 3, 2012

With free agency in full swing, we are already seeing deals and rumors of blockbuster moves. What will the Knicks do next season with the moves they will make?  The Celtics may lose Ray Allen, but the core is still there, Doc is still coaching, and they may be sign Jason Terry to replace Allen. The Sixers young and well coached team will only improve next season. The transferred Brooklyn Nets traded with the Hawks for Sharpshooter, Joe Johnson, and Deron Williams is coming back (so far). They also traded for Reggie Evans and is in the mix for trading to get Dwight Howard. Toronto may have the slimmest chance in the Atlantic division, but they offered Landry Fields a deal the Knicks may not be able match. This can attract Jeremy Lin and/or Steve Nash. Where do the Knicks stand? With the huge salary, they may have problems enticing and affording quality players. They will have to figure out how to move Amer’e, sign a point guard to play with Melo, and fill in the gaps of the other players that are not coming back. There may be some veteran players willing to settle for the minimum, but who wants to finish their career with Melo “The Ball Stopper”? If all goes to plan for the Nets, the Knicks can fall anywhere from 1st to 4th. With Dolan running the show, we may see some unexpected moves in the coming weeks, if not days.

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