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Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2012-13

July 27, 2012

The NBA schedules for the 2012-13 season were released yesterday. Here are the most anticipated games for the Knicks:

  1. Brooklyn (11/1): Game one for the new Nets in their new city, Brooklyn. The last time the league was excited about the Nets was when Kidd was dishing no look alley-oops to K-Mart and Richard Jefferson. Before that was Derrick Coleman and Kenny Anderson. Before that was Dr. J playing for the ABA team in New York. Like all major sports in New York, they now have two basketball teams. Are basketball fans excited about the team being in Brooklyn or the team, because it appears that they are coming back this season with similar players from last season with the addition of Joe Johnson. We knew how that turned out for them. Let’s see how long the excitement lasts, but there will definitely be fireworks on November 1st.
  1. OKC (3/7, 4/7): The 2012 Western Conference champions look to return to the finals with two of the best scorers in the league. This should be an fast paced game with lots of scoring from both teams. Last year’s scoring champion, Kevin Durant, and electrifying guard, Russell Westbrook, should keep the entertainment value at a high level. This will be a good challenge for the Knicks who are looking to reach elite basketball status next season. 
  1. LA Lakers (12/25): A Christmas game in LA. Should be entertaining to open your gifts, eat your feast, spend time with your family, and watch the Mamba give it his all against the Knicks. Its a tradition in our house to watch basketball on Christmas and having the Knicks on is a treat. If the Lakers are able to trade for Howard, this might be the best game on the Knicks schedule. Eggnog and basketball is always a good combination.
  1. Houston (11/23, 12/17): Linsanty has taken his talents to Texas and the Knicks did not bother to match their offer. It should be fun to see what Lin can do against the team that game him a change to blossom then parted ways with him. It always bothers me to see former Knicks players burn them when they play. Can Lin live up to his major contract and hype from last season? I am sure the Knicks will have something to say about that.  
  1. Miami (11/2, 4/2): The 2012 NBA Champions with the starring cast of LeBron, Wade, and Bosh. Miami has added new pieces as role players (Allen and Lewis) to an already stacked team.  They will be looking to repeat as champions and the Knicks are looking for revenge from they first round elimination. The second game of the season for the Knicks on national television should be the game to watch early in the NBA season. 

The other games:

Chicago (1/11, 4/11): With Derrick Rose injuring his ACL in the first round of the 2012 playoffs, he should be back in uniform for the Bulls by the beginning of 2013. We all know how explosive Rose can be when healthy. Remember last season when Melo hit the gaming winning three pointer against them? 
LA Clippers (2/10, 3/17): Will L.A. be Laker town or Clipper town? The Clippers comes back with Blake Griffin (most exciting dunker since Vince Carter) and Chris Paul. They also added new players via free agency. They are looking to take over L.A. and go deep into the playoffs. 
New Orleans (11/20): Nothing much here except for the number one pick, Anthony Davis, and Austin Rivers. The first game takes place in the first month of the season, so we will get an opportunity to see NO’s rookies fit in to the NBA.
Boston (1/7, 1/24, 3/26, 3/31): This has been a sports rivalry for decades. Nothing has changed. The games against Boston would have gone into the top 5, but Boston has become a boring team to watch though they are still a top team in the league. Rondo, Garnett, and Pierce should still provide the entertainment that Knicks fans are looking for.

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