Thomas and Jordan

The Bad Dream

June 14, 2012

Isiah Thomas is a member Hall of Fame players and a back to back NBA champion with the Detroit Pistons. He has 12 all-star appearances and 3 All-NBA First team awards. The one team he wished he would have made was the Dream Team (1992 men’s USA basketball team). During the Dream Team documentary on NBA TV, there were players that did not want Isiah Thomas to be apart of the team including Michael Jordan. The reasons could have been because of Thomas’ involvement in the Bad Boys’ defensive tactics, the competitive nature of the players, or the freeze outs in all star games that made Jordan express his rejection of one of the best point guards of the time. Scottie Pippen also expressed his feelings about not wanting Thomas on the team. Chuck Daly, head coach of the Dream Team and the Detroit Pistons, would have like to have Thomas on the team, but did not make a huge deal about it. In fact, when Jordan was asked to join the team, he was told that Thomas was not going to be on the team and the decision was higher than the players and coaches. Throughout the 80’s, Magic Johnson and Thomas were the best of friends. After Magic announced his contraction of HIV, Thomas questioned Magic’s sexuality with other players close to him instead of directly speaking with Magic. This deeply hurt Magic and the relationship. Magic could have been one of the players lobbying for Thomas not to play on the Dream Team. There could have been other plays who spoke out about not having Thomas play on the team. Thomas was selected to but never played on the Dream Team 2 in the 1994 World Championship of Basketball (injury) and during college in the 1980 Olympics (country boycott). I guess New York fans are not the only ones that did not want Thomas apart of the team.

Written by Chad M.

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