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Rant: Eddy Curry

June 27, 2012

Disclaimer: This only includes Eddy Curry’s basketball career and not personal life. With that statement aside, let’s get into one of the black holes of NBA players. Curry was a high school prodigy from Chicago who was supposed to have a bright NBA future. He omitted himself from playing college and head straight for the NBA. Though reports of him not being mentally ready to play in the league, he possessed the physical stature and upshot to becoming a very good NBA player. After a couple of seasons with the Chicago Bulls, Curry was traded to the Knicks and signed a lucrative contract with the assistance of Isiah Thomas. He was paired with Zach Randolph and was going to be a big and talented frontcourt. This never happened. Curry never averaged over 20 points in a season. The Knicks were never a winning team with HOF coach Larry Brown or Isiah Thomas. In fact, this was one of the deals that paralyzed the team’s ability to use the free agent market and acquire players through trades. The Knicks traded away a draft pick that could have been utilized when they had a poor season. Though Curry had great hands and showed flashes of being a good player. He never formed to be the player the Knicks or Isiah Thomas expected him to be. He had bad work ethic and usually started the season out of shape which leads to injuries. After Thomas was fired, Curry stayed on the team another season ballooning the cap space while missing most games. He was finally traded which lead to Knicks being able to afford players like STAT, Melo, and Chandler. After not playing for a season, Curry whipped himself back into shape and signed a one year deal with the Miami Heat. Now Curry is a part of the 2012 NBA Championship team and he did not play more than 15 games. He celebrated in street clothes as the Heat went on the finish the Thunder. 

Just looking at those shots of him hugging LeBron James and smiling makes me cringe as a Knicks fan. Knicks fans suffered a few years of unacceptable and disrespectful basketball. Curry was one of the main characters in those years. We watched him give half efforts in games. We watch as he never developed into a decent player. I don’t believe we were expecting an all-star, but we expected a player that cared about the game of basketball. It was obvious that basketball was not his priority. We have never seen him played in his best physical shape and seem to not prepare during off seasons. This may be an unfair judgment of his time in New York because he was a product of Isiah Thomas. That was a bad time for New York basketball. There were other contracts that did not make any sense (Allan Houston, Jerome James, etc.), but none stands out more than Curry’s contract. After leaving the Knicks, Curry eventually signed with the NBA’s enemies and won a championship. The Knicks are 2 or 3 seasons away from playing championship basketball, unless there is a major deal. Curry seemed to almost walk into the perfect situation. He joined the team then did not have to contribute to win. Depending on the type of person you are, something like that might not sit well with you. Making millions of dollars and not playing seemed to sit well with Curry. Please don’t mistake my words for hate. I can’t hate on someone whose job is basketball and gets paid an astronomical salary for playing 82 games plus the playoffs (where they make more money). I can’t hate someone for joining a team that included 3 of the top 15 players in the NBA and wanting to win a championship. Most people would have done the same thing. People brag all the time about the little work that they do and how much they get paid to do it. This is not any different. The thing that bothers me is that he did it while he was in the Knicks uniform. It’s like watching your wife’s company suffer because of a few people who don’t show up to work makes the highest salary. This happens everywhere, but it does not feel good if you are personally attached. Curry might be in some club, popping expensive bottles of alcohol, while laughing at his time in New York. Knicks fans are trying to forget the Isiah Thomas regime and looking towards the future where the Knicks are NBA Champions.

Written by Chad M.

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