Pablo “Picasso” Prigioni versus Team USA

July 23, 2012

Pablo played on a big stage yesterday and didn’t WOW but he didn’t disappoint either.  The crafty veteran or the oldest Knick rookie ever, looked to be comfortable in an NBA style pace versus Team USA.

“So, all told, Prigioni’s game against the U.S. fell right in line with his reputation. He’s neither nimble nor explosive enough (and perhaps never was) to burn point guards off the dribble or prevent them from doing the same on the other end. He uses picks and head fakes brilliantly, though, and needs just a couple steps of penetration to find creative, oblique angles and feed pretty much anyone on the floor. He dishes with restraint and precision, using any available window but swallowing the pass if the window’s not there. He’ll take and hit a three if you leave him open, but passes up even the openest of driving lanes. “


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