Melo: It’s About the U.S.

July 11, 2012

In an interview with Yahoo Sports, the 3-time Olympian talks about going to the 2008 Olympics, his USA teammates, the quest for Olympic gold, and the Blake Griffin and Kyle Irving video.

Yahoo Sports: One of the memories that sticks out from 2008 is you walking into Olympic Stadium for the Opening Ceremony carrying a video camera. Have you watched that video at all?

Carmelo Anthony: (Laughs) Of course, I watch that footage all the time. You’re just walking around, you have all the athletes from America at one place. That’s when we all become one. We’re close to last when they announce us. It’s not about Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James or Michael Phelps; it’s not about individuals. It’s about the U.S. and that’s the experience I had.

Read the interview: http://goo.gl/XCWfI

Watch Blake and Irving get busy:


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