Kidd: My Job is to Make Jeremy Better

July 13, 2012

With Kidd already signing with the Knicks and Lin agreeing to an offer to the Rockets, Kidd is already taking about being a mentor to Lin. Kidd is looking forward to talking with Lin about what he has learned in his long NBA career. He believes that Lin plays in one gear, fifth gear, and would like to teach him how to play in different gears to conserve energy for end of game situations. Kidd does not mind backing up Lin and thinks they can play together at the end of games.

“To have a chance to mentor a very good player in Jeremy — be able to share my secrets or what I’ve learned in my 18 years — for him hopefully to take it to another level, it’s something I look forward to doing,” Kidd said.

“My job is to make Jeremy better in practice and stuff like that,” Kidd said. “At the end of the day, it’s about six minutes. If I’ve learned anything in the last 18 years is the last six minutes of any NBA game, if you’re down 15 or up 15, you can win or lose.”

If Lin signs with NY, this will be an excellent opportunity for Lin to learn from one of the greatest point guard to play the game. Maybe he can learn how to keep the superstar happy.

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