Just in the Knick of time? No Kidding

July 5, 2012

In another unforeseen twist of this wild offseason, sources say Jason Kidd has decided to leave Mavs and join Knicks on a multiyear deal
Marc Stein
Source confirms Jason Kidd has turned down 3 yr/$9.5M offer from Mavs to play w/Knicks--who are also likely to match Houston offer for Lin.
David Aldridge
Kidd has used #Knicks as leverage before in last Dallas signing. Tables may have turned. Wants to be part of new Nets-Knicks rivalry
Marc Berman

With this move, what happens to Felton? What happens to Lin? Dallas has no PG and Rockets are all LIN for Jeremy… Do we match for Lin? So many questions, I hear more moves coming shortly!

Maybe Kidd had a change of heart because he wants to be a part of the Knick-Net Rivalry!

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