Jeremy Hou-Lin-i: The Great Lin-scape

July 17, 2012

Well, it seemed as though the restricted free agency period lasted longer than Linsanity itself.  Lin escapes heads over to Houston on an offer sheet that the NY Knicks decided to decline.  It’s a little sad to see Lin leave NY almost as fast as he left Houston the 1st time.  Lin once cut by the Rockets, decided to sign an offer sheet from the team that used to not want him.  I hope that relationship works for you Jeremy, why go back to someone that wanted to take Samuel Dalembert to the prom instead of you?  Why not sit tight and sign with NY, the oxygen tank that saved you as you were sinking to the bottom of the Black sea.  As soon as you got your breath you lifted this franchise from it’s own abyss.  Both benefited in this relationship, Knicks gained instant credibility and Lin became, well, Linsanity!

Good luck to you and your Houston Rocket teammates, I hope they included Cowboy boots and a nice big 10 gallon hat for you and a pony, can’t forget the pony.


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