Jared Jefferies off season

June 29, 2012

Jared’s off season includes a lot of remote locations, but not for relaxation.  This disconnect from the real worldis all about getting to the REEL world!

Jeffries, 30, is far from a casual fisherman; he might be the most committed and well-traveled one in the entire NBA. He brings his own rods, reels and a satellite phone on his trips, travels with a regular boat captain,Josh Temple, and visits four dedicated fishing websites to plan his next adventure.

“I’m probably the only NBA player that goes on these sites,” he said.

Jefferies seems to be one of those guys that keeps a team and his teammates sane.  The GLUE that holds them all together.  Take for instance when he took Jeremy Lin fishing this off season.

Caught (and released) a marlin in vacation ever! Excited to start training again and knees fully healthy!!
Jeremy Lin

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