Isiah Thomas was “lukewarm” About Lin

July 23, 2012

Who cares about what someone formally employed with the Knicks thinks about Jeremy Lin? Someone who destroyed the Knicks chances at winning, draft picks, and salary cap room. Someone that was accused of sexual harassment by another former employee. So does any one care if Isiah Thomas still has close ties with the Knicks organization. He is close with James Dolan. He enjoyed success at Indiana with teammates Glen Grundwall (Knicks GM) and Mike Woodson (Knicks coach). Could Thomas have anything to do with the Knicks not matching Houston’s Lin’s contract?

Most tellingly, perhaps, Isiah Thomas is close to Dolan, Wesley, Grunwald, Woodson and others with the Knicks, according to sources. The former Knicks president and coach is still a very influential voice in Dolan’s ear, and those behind the scenes say he is lukewarm toward Lin.

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