Don’t you double cross me!

July 17, 2012

Just so you know as Frank Isola said:

It was never about the money. This was all about ticking off James Dolan.
Frank Isola

Not for one second should you think this was about a poison pill, 3rd year, ridiculous contract, inflation, debt crisis, election year or financial situation!!!  This was about ego, family, loyalty, sopranos, goodfellas, godfather type of RESPECT!!!

Dolan has always been made out as an idiot, but as one of the LOYALEST idiots there is.  Dolan has his circle, circle of trust that is.  Ask  Isaiah Thomas.  Remember that whole Anucha Browne-Sanders ordeal?  He paid $12 million dollars for her to leave his buddy alone.  And you are still telling me that this was about money? A luxury Tax? A bloated contract?  You gotta be outta yo cod damn mind! <—-Yes I wrote COD, not God!

Good bye Lin, Good bye Fields, Good bye Jared Jefferies!

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