D’Antoni headed north next?

July 3, 2012

D’Antoni headed north for the winter? looks like Fields is going to be a Raptor, the Knicks won’t match that contract and have Landry on the books in 3 years making 9.5mil.  My question is how shrewd of a move was that by the Raptors, did they make Canada a more tempting destination for Lin by signing Fields?

Are the stars aligning for Toronto to sign Fields Lin and Nash.  Then hire D’antoni?  I’m too lazy to look for the Raptors head coaching situation, but looks like Mike D’antoni is in the Raptors GM’s ear.  Wait isn’t there a connection between the GM of the Raptors and D’antoni, oh wait that’s Colangelo son, his father hired Mike in Phoenix, right?

The plot thickens so stay tuned…

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