“Coach Carmelo”, it has a nice ring to it…

July 11, 2012

Carmelo Anthony took some time out to work with Blake Griffin on his outside game.  Ranging from the lethal Melo step back that he has perfected, to the freeze you in your tracks pull-up jumper.  There is no coincidence when players return from the Olympics, they usually come to the NBA with some new treats.  All these great players in one room, they pick up new tricks just by osmosis!

Hopefully Melo can rub off on his Knicks teammates the same way.  Anthony did not show this side of him last season with the Knicks because of the shortened preseason, but seeing this gives me goosebumps!  He is refocused and even seems in a team first mentality.


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  • CJM

    Melo showing Blake some well needed moves and Chris Paul’s hand is wrapped up…