So long Landry…good luck

July 5, 2012

Well this seems to confirm Landry moving on, I wish him the best thanks for the effort!


Around the NBA twittersphere!

July 4, 2012

The best of the twitter updates regarding #Knicks #Shump #Nash


@incarceratedbob: Nash is a Knick! Announcement before the weekend!

July 4, 2012

Well Incarcerated Bob tends to get things right a week before anyone else, so I’m going out on a limb


@jaredzwerling: Amare’s voice might be enough for Nash

July 4, 2012

Amare was a nice enough attraction for Carmelo, why wouldn’t Nash want to follow his old buddy here?  Nash has


Novak: at Summerfest in Milwaukee

July 4, 2012

Don’t worry be happy! On the contrary to all the other Knick potential Free Agents, Novak is sitting in the


@incarceratedbob: Chandler pitching NY to Kidd

July 4, 2012

I’ve NEVER heard of any player in any sport say he wanted to BACKUP another player at their position, especially


Reunion? Marcus Camby in a NY State of Mind?

July 3, 2012

Marc J. Spears seems to think Camby wants to come back to NY but his list is long.  I guess


Knicks Notes: Landry signed qualifying

July 3, 2012

Looks like Raptors are trying to test the Knicks.  Maybe raise Fields price so it hurts them with Lin or


Tyson: Guess who is in VOGUE magazine?

July 3, 2012

Looking good playboy, but I’d rather see you in a Knick jersey the rest of your life! Read more at


@nyknicks: It’s Good to Give

July 2, 2012

Check out Iman Shumpert @I_Am_Iman teach kids in his hometown how to ball. Make sure that knee is right!

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