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July 4, 2012

The best of the twitter updates regarding #Knicks #Shump #Nash

(Now trending)Knicks thinking of trading Iman #Shump? "Don't do it...please don't do it" @ voice
"Knicks, Suns are in the critical stages of discussions on a sign-and-trade deal that would pay Nash..."
Stan Thomas
Should be clear, asked scouts if they were New York, would they do Shumpert-for-Nash. 3-1 against.
Chris Mannix
Will say this: Chasing Nash seems admission that Melo deal bombed & #Knicks desperate 4 him to somehow make mismatched pieces fit.
Phil Taylor
However, another source cautions that Nash has yet to decide where he wants to go, &?Suns have to see if NO matches Eric Gordon offer sheet.
David Aldridge
The Founders worked July 4, so...source confirms sign/trade talks between Knicks/Suns 4 Nash back on, w/NY now willing 2 include Shumpert.
David Aldridge
“@: Bibby and Fields may be worst starting playoff backcourt in the history of the NBA playoffs.” a reminder to Nash opponents
Knick Aholic
If Steve Nash is at Dolan's annual July 4th bash, well then, it's just about a done deal. That's where free agents go to become "made men"
Frank Isola
Why wouldn't NY give up Iman 2 get Nash? Same owner gave up 4 youngins & picks 4 Melo. Dolan's then & now addition: Instant gratification
Peter Vecsey
Another thing #Knicks could be thinking is who Melo will play better with and listen to. The past says veteran PG Billups. And Nash better.
Jared Zwerling
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